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Time:12:48 pm
Music:the decemberists - los angeles, i'm yours
Mood:h8 icka

Add me or die in a fire.
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Subject:inviting hurt into videogames
Time:03:41 pm
Music:Hooverphonic - Electro Shock Faders
Mood:i want one!
How far/fast is the videogame industry going to push immersion?
we had force-feedback steering wheels with throttle quadrants, controls with feedback vibration...and now teh FPS vest.

TN Game's 3rd Space Vest, designed by physician Mark Ombrellaro, is based on a earlier medical instrument that permitted doctors to carry out distance based investigations. As if there could be an even better use, Dr. Ombrellaro has modified the vest so gamers will be able to feel gaming impacts, such as punches and shots, by means of alternating air pressures that will simulate the sensations.”-gizmodo

teh vest is an impact generating peripheral device which simulates physical contact precisely when it happens. the patented impact-generating technology uses a quiet and durable air source to fire 8 pneumatic cells embedded in the vest.
the cells are designed to simulate the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter game. in addition, a wide array of sensory experiences, from crushing explosions to fear-inducing finger taps on the gamers' shoulders, can be experienced with the 3rd Space FPS Vest.

this peripheral with masochistic accents is being released in November, retailing at $189, and it will come in Camo, Black, and I heard somewhere that there will be a Pink one too :p
for the release it’s going to come bundled with two games: 3rd Space Incursion & a special edition of Call of Duty II. there are supposedly also plans to patch Quake4 & Doom3 so that they will be compatible with the vest.

so what’s next, a headpiece peripheral that will simulate headshots? [boom!]
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Subject:bunch of donkey rhubarb hooey
Time:01:06 pm
Mood:gassy like tractor :(
the place i'm currently working at is all about macs
and there's a slew of people sharing their itunes libraries

a lot of bad muzak :(
wtf chicago. crie.

one of the other temps at the office spent all week last week listening to my library,
and liked aphex twin so much he downloaded the entire discography + videos and burned it onto a disc and deposited it on my desk this morning.
now i have to sort through what i already have for duplicates make me itchy.

now i go back to robotically replacing special characters with their iso counterparts.
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Subject:there is no template for the way i am living right now
Time:02:39 pm
Music:ilkae - panda
Mood:seattle is beauteous

Today is great.

my boi packed me some lunch for work and it turned out to be some delicious risotto.

work kicks booty eventhough it's different - perhaps this is vaguely related to an increase in my rate?

My co-workers have left random halloweenie stuff around my desk. everytime i get up to pee or refill my cocoa, there's something new on my desk.
i've consumed so much candy i'm practically climbing up the cubefarm walls like a spastic child in dire need of ritallin.

i'm wearing some sassy orange & red stripey tights, with multi-coloured pumpkins on the bottom.

there is blueberry pie awaiting me at home.

life could only get better at this point if there was more raiding and less debt.

How is your day?
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Subject:strange day
Time:02:40 pm
Music:Jega - Syntax Tree
Mood:h8 goodbyes
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Time:03:13 pm
Music:plumbline - 150 E42
you know what's awesome about rain?
not only do i have the pink kitty-eared umbrella tam tried to torture jess with, but i also have a sassy polkadot one.
oh how i miss my see-through one that dumb travis broke :(

what's so awesome about umbrellas exactly?
well... i now have the excuse to use a weapon of mass difusion against all those annoying strangers that walk by much to closely to me.

goodbye hideous cheap perfume nostril assault!
adieu noxious residual crack fumes from tenderloin junkies!
arrivederci straight-up rank B.O.!

if only i could deploy my stylish weapons at the bart so that the impatient assholes that won't wait for ppl to exit bart will poke themselves infinitely against the spokes of my torture device.
I guess thumping them with my bag will have to do.
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Subject:my days are simply not long enough
Time:05:08 pm
Music:kettel - redgrapes confiture
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Time:10:17 pm
Music:Oingo Boingo - Private Life: Relaid Audio
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Time:02:17 pm
Music:minus 8 - a concha cor de rosa
something about working in the financial district makes me feel like an actual grown-up
maybe it's all this wearing of collared shirts [lavender today, with matching argyle socks]
or the serious architecture
or paying for everyone else's lunches
but i almost feel like going to a grown-up gym even.

on that note, if you work in the downtown area, and want to grab lunch some time, let me know!
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Subject:she said she hated planes
Time:10:30 pm
miss icka, walking around buenos aires by my grandmother's house wrapped up in my aunt carmen's fancy red coat:
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Current Location:clinique23
Time:09:34 pm
As much as it saddens me when bands i think are cool sell out,
i must admit that the new dell xps m1330 commercial is pretty damn cool:
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Subject:gashly is a poophead
Time:12:04 am
the radeon 9800 dbunderscore gave me a few years ago had things melt off it and pop off and needless to say it is dead now
if you have a comparable gfx card lying around that you don't need and are willing to part with for cheap, holla.
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Time:04:29 pm
i am nuit and my word is six and fifty
divide add multiply and understand.

Time:01:23 pm
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Current Location:skald
Time:09:44 am
Mood:chinese farmer
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Subject:if you own cats or dogs
Time:09:43 pm
Music:Astrowind - The Night The Stars Flew
be advised that there is an urgent pet food recall.

"An unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure and about 10 died after eating the affected pet food, Menu Foods said in announcing the North American recall.
Product testing has not revealed a link explaining the reported cases of illness and death, the company said."

it seems some pets are suffering kidney failures and death after eating pet food sold by stores operated by the kroger company, safeway inc., walMart stores inc. and petsmart Inc., among others.
this seems to pertain only to 'cuts & gravy' style wet food.
60 million pieces have been recalled so far.
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Current Location:teh clinique
Subject:on a moist day
Time:07:44 pm
Mood:hot buttered rum
talaitha's last.fm Profile Page
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Subject:sandbox news
Time:11:38 am
Music:Rob Hubbard - Sanxion Loader
Mood:very cold
Feds Finally Extradite Alleged Warez Kingpin
"Hew Raymond Griffiths, an alleged warez kingpin, appeared in a U.S. district court and was charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement."

"In an indictment originally issued in 2003, the Department of Justice [DoJ] claims the 44-year-old Griffiths was the head of an international software piracy ring known as DrinkorDie.
According to the DoJ, Griffiths directed the illegal reproduction and distribution of more than $50 million worth of pirated software, movies and games. "

"Since the indictment was issued, Griffiths has been jailed in Australia, fighting extradition to the United States.
According to the indictment, Griffiths also held leadership roles in several other well-known warez groups, including Razor1911 and RiSC."
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Subject:they took blood from her finger and pumped it into her heart
Time:01:28 pm
Music:bongwater - kisses sweeter than wine
i was going for a valentine's of nerudian proportions
sitting in a facial on icka's floor trying to craft my first card
it looks like a 3rd grader made it :(
thankfully i have truffles and a short skirt as back-up.
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Subject:infused other for me instead
Time:11:31 pm
Music:Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
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Subject:la plaie dans sa pupille
Time:02:19 pm
Music:ambient terrokar organs
si mince: woodelf mini-quiches to the rescue
crying with mushrooms in the shower, crying with grass in the drain
puck loves me but he's a whore
too much garlic in the scrambled eggs
market of fleas i will beat you up if you look at audrey like that.
still jumping, feet first, in wendy's shoes
the miasma of his mouth grew colder with the winter,
my most beautiful secrets died on his chest
and all i have left now is a minutia of cold mornings
nerubian corridors echo with the sound of perpetual running
necrotic horsemen rain a plague upon derelict dreams
aphasia seeps in again like the milk of the poppy,
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Subject:pick one: nefarion or onyxia?
Time:04:29 am
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Subject:life & death of a pumpkin
Time:03:41 pm
Mood:like ribbons from a gift :p
A cherished holiday from a different and horrible perspective:
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Time:05:29 pm
she'd grown up with the idear of the apocalypse being a swift thing
but the four horsemen were bidding their time playing with their prey
casting their marks of destruction upon the Aspects in a veritabe cornucopia of death.

Time:08:35 am
coeur altéré d'une inquiétante maladie
on habite dans un monde de rêveries
plein de trucs aigus à s'en cacher derriere
vieillarde a même peur de la pluie
entre ses mains pourries
ils disent que vivre sans peine c'est être mort
alors je suis pleine de vie
obscènement aigue est la realisation que quelque chose c'est passé avec mon coeur
il ne me rentre plus dans le ventre ni veut rester sous ma peau.

Time:12:25 am
Music:15 Degrees Below Zero - Downs, Part 1
amidst the armpit stench of the girl behind me
it felt like the speakers were trying to tear the shirt off my back
yet all i could do was stare at your pudgy little hand on the floor next to my feet
i thought about touching it
seeing what kind of response i might get
but then i remembered what it was like
and i felt like crushing it with my burgundy suede steve caballeros instead.
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Subject:A bazaar of guillemots in heat
Time:02:46 am
Music:Basshunter - Boten Anna
too much hotness at snog
miss smith doth oblige
and the star's fortune cookie prize lies in uncle nadya's eyes
perhaps flaccid antennas during daylight hours with pam at the greenhouse
and the museum on thursday
and of course naxx at night. everynight. till work. sigh thaddius.
tam made me take this so she could see me wearing the ribbons she brought from kuwait:

ugh, you can see my moustache and my farengi ears.
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Subject:bloody elves!
Time:05:02 am
Music:autechre - stud
Mood:still cleaning shit
stuff happenned.
it's nice, but i don't know how long it will last this time.

other stuff is happenning too
friends from washington are coming to visit.
lan party @teh clinique ahoy
anyone have a large enough vehicle to transport 2 folding tables from dna to my house on friday evening?

tam is doing a drive-by-farting while they're here
after tam goes and before .wa buddies leave, there is a tentative trip to l.a. in the horizon for next week
but it's looking mighty sketchy as it'd be in the middle of the week for only 1 or 2 days
yes, mysterious and elusive
or something ambiguous and stuff.
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Subject:petite fille seule dans la grande ville
Time:04:14 am
Music:Macquarie Bridge - Boards of Canada
Mood:wish i was stupider
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Subject:ever stateless
Time:08:17 pm
Music:Dryft - 39 Thieves
my dreams are thorium-reinforced
i spent the week picking flowers so fatty dies
learned how to make cinnamon rolls
i will now make myself a cinnamon roll cuddle buddy who will make me feel like a jellyfish till the breaka-breaka'dawn
i live the double-life of a shaolin nun
work was like this:
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Time:12:53 pm
Music:Current 93 - Die, Flip or Go to India
always, always you recede during the evenings
towards where the twilight runs erasing statues.
it's hard to tell in the faint light just how many statues are left and whether or not that matters.
oh my pillars of stone, where are you so that i may lean upon you?
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Time:08:47 am
her cat had grown tired of trying to gnaw at the spikes on my boots and was sitting on my lap again,
completely oblivious to the ache slowly leaking out my pores.
the young lady that belonged to him had just crushed my heart under her square wooden heels.
still in my lap, gusset purred loudly
which made her look up from the trance of the invisible patterns in the red carpet.
she hated that he was like this with me but not with her, her sole role in his life was that of food provider
today, that gave me pleasure.

the fact that her cat still wanted me even-though she no longer did made me happy in a robert frost sort of way
maybe she'd gleam of her cat's infinite wisdom and take me back?
she was talking at me again, but although i could see her lips moving i couldn't hear anything but loud purring
the thought of her taking me back made me slightly erect
and i couldn't both entertain those notions and listen to her at the same time so i blocked her out.
i'm not sure if she noticed, but she asked me to put her cat down and leave her apartment
i went soft again.
fucking bitch always ruined my moods, good riddance.
might as well go find something to do, to get my mind of things.
resharpen my knives maybe, or get gusset some milk, or perhaps another girl.
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Subject:lol bacon
Time:05:29 am
Music:winterkälte - rebound
Mood:ddo doesn't suck :(
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Time:12:25 pm
i am to teh webbarnets like cockrock is to muzak.
i don't understand scrolling curtains of kanji or what's really going on between us.
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Subject:burning frostfire
Time:03:46 am
Music:gridlock/O2 split 7" - .0001
if you are nothing is it implied you don't ask for something?
too many crushes, devotchka in chaos. breah. bought a pack of cigarettes.
trust i trust you but i don't.
i'm obsessed with a necropolis. must have .stupid fix before i claw myself to death.

Subject:turn it tender
Time:05:46 am
Music:autechre - rotar
long week of a thousand deaths and internetless wastelands
last few days in review:
tuesday there was some covert danceen with starr at joshington's club and i hadn't a stitch to wear.
wednesday, not that you care, but i was the saviour of kalimdor
thursday my net died, and i gardened with eight hands
friday was nurse with wound with new friends and old, the night was too short
saturday, the night was entirely too long.
sunday i called my father, eventhough we haven't spoken since my birthday last march. yes, i died a little hallmark death.
monday...who knows, likely will stay home and kill more things, maybe clean my room a bit beforehand.
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Subject:parfois elle voulait dormir avec les poissons
Time:05:22 am
Music:magnetic fields - meaningless
Mood:terribly apathetic
'sometimes she wanted to sleep with the fishes'

[david lachapelle]
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Subject:choleric pulses
Time:07:00 am
Music:Nathan Fake - Grandfathered
Mood:like a dior ballgown
friday was really fun
i woke up early, caught up with a bunch of people over the phone
and headed off for work
succesfully dodged crackheads on the bus who focused their antics on some other plebes in the back.
starr brought me delicious cat butt candies
and cat & josh came out just especially to spend some time with me
and then pretty bois turned me into a shuddering pile of goop
if looks could kill my whip-cream eyes would be blunt butter knives
i send myself to despair on dirty dancefloors
my hideous hips are still making revolutions of utter confusion.

saturday was green camo pop roxx
i was tired of being angry at cephalopods so i let one eat my face around the corner where no one could see
it left ink smeared all over my forehead.

spundae made my stomach sick
silly hats equals stupid butterflies
i'll stop making the eyes at you if you stop making the eyes at me.
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Time:04:02 pm
Music:coil - love is like a cigarette
i don't know if my male [albeit girly-looking] co-worker can relate,
but strangers treat coat-check like a confessional booth.

After being force-fed several amazingly slow psychic train wrecks by customers, i've arrived to the theory [not concluded yet!]
that some people just create drama to try to feel at home
kinda like how i always had to be either drunk or high to choke the anxiety enough to go out dancing with friends.

what is more dramatic than imprisoning a poor hot young black-collar worker by ladled-on labile emotions straight out of some abnormal psych textbook?
Apparently it's the in thing to do
where it's at
cause every weekend, there's at least one stranger who will trod on over and pour their emotional detritus all over me when i've not the least bit of interest in hearing about it [can't you see i'm fucking reading?], and worse, can't escape them for i'm confined in a tiny little box with a bunch of coats and money.

Today, at the Walgreens on 23rd
there was a woman doing that to the one and only cashier lady
i was the only other person in line, and the rambling lady hadn't noticed i was there and was taking things out of her basket very
but talkingreallyfastaboutseveralthingsatonce
her lunatic confidences and suspicions spooked me
she was going on about how she thought maybe her husband was a satanist, and her daughter a whore on capp street
and then i turned into a bitch and yelled at the cashier lady about how i didn't have all day to wait in line
and she happily smiling started helping the crazy lady take stuff out of her basket faster to better assist her saviour:
why are people so imposing of themselves?
why do they think people wish to marred down by their personal problems?
that's what friends and shrinks are for, not poor service industry people.

on that note,
[what note this post is about nothing]
i'm working coat-check at meat [ministry after-partie] tomorrow and poproxx on saturday
come say hi and if you bring me candy i'll promise not to write about your rants and lunacies
no, really, bring me some candy.
p.s. i like blueberry jellybeans.
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Subject:human runting season
Time:11:12 am
Music:Mad World - Gary Jules remix
Mood:pleasantly barren!
the creepy amorous-cooing pigeons outside my window are dead
and now i can finally sleep
except it's too hot
sigh it's that time of year again
except that i can't smell the jasmin yet.
sirs, please to be keeping your sperm away from my baby-eggs
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Subject:what do caviar & michael jackson have in common?
Time:06:36 am
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Subject:Bob Dobbs custody battle. what?
Time:06:44 am
Music:Boards of Canada - Sixtyten
Mood:getting ready for work
some lady fighting to retain partial custody of her son due to her membership in the Church of the Subgenius reminded me of my first real roommate
*enter tangent*
It was 1999, the guy i was living with at the time dumped me, i had to find a new place to live pronto, and i did so via craigslist.
Nice well kept, clean townhouse in a small quiet complex of 6, the upstairs all for me, all a 15 minute walk from the office in mountain view.
With a roommate.
Constance Marsh.
She was 50-something, so militantly left-wing that she went to meetings and rallies and all sorts of things, religiously listened to pacifica radio at all hours of the day from a fuzzy old portable radio set she kept on her person anywhere she was in the house, and vegan to the point that i wasn't allowed to bring anything dead with a face home [perhaps that was meant to exclude gothbois too].

It was ok, i like veggie/vegan food just fine, i don't really eat meatstuffs very often anyways, and if i craved it, I'd just have some elsewhere, and when i'd get home from work [i'd stay late playing diablo2 on the lan with engineering vp & the chief architect] she'd have food saved for me. And the place was always clean, and she wasn't noisy despite the radio, and i had ample room upstairs to start building the bases for home furniture, and most importantly, i had my very own washroom.
Then the weirdness started. She'd leave me disappointed notes about having missed me for dinner,
or how lately i'd been going straight to my room after walking through the door instead of 'convening' with her, notes asking to 'please stop saying bad things about her to strangers', just LOTS OF NOTES.

We lived together for 6 months, after which her delusions, paranoia and control-issues became unbearable to me.
She started eaves-dropping on my telephone conversations, and somehow managed to overhear things i never said about her
And then, she discovered the joys of googling one's name and found excerpts of Connie "Marsh" Dobbs' journal.
I tried to explain to her the whole Church of the Subgenius schtick, and how Connie Marsh Dobbs was the fictional wife character of the fictional Bob Dobbs, but she'd have none of it and since i was the only person she knew that used teh intarwebs she decided that clearly i had written this to besmirch her character to her political colleagues.
That's not even the 'bad' crazy roommate.
Hell, I likely shouldn't be making this entry public lest she smite me with her 1337 google-express zucchini of middle-aged wrath.

I do have her to thank for the introduction of quinoa though.
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Subject:winter tahiti
Time:04:39 am
the night is young and so am I
and we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet
and surprise'em with the victory cry
we can act if want to
if we don't nobody will
and i can act real rude and totally removed
and you can act like an imbecile.
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Time:08:14 am
Music:nurse with wound - gusset typing
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Subject:i am graceful like duck not like swan
Time:08:01 am
Music:tam & sherrod talking
i woke up today after my weird birthday party and my ass really hurt
my first thought was 'bad buttsehks?'
and then i remembered the horrible fall off the stage while attempting to break a piñata.
[i wasn't drunk i swear!]
my tailbone and right wrist are all fucked up swollen
and i can't do normal things like open the fridge door cause it hurts
so now not only am i not allowed in the bouncy castle, but i'm also not allowed to break piñatas.

Huge apologies to so many people i forgot to invite.
i'm not good at managing these sorts of things and i forgot quite a few people that i am rather fond of.

Thanks to everyone that did come, so many people i hadn't seen in years
thanks tam & jes for coming all the way from canadia
and josh for dj'ing eventhough people wouldn't leave me alone long enough for me to hear enough of his set
and starr for finding my little black heart in a sewer somewhere
and miss rebecca for organising everything cause i don't know how to do that stuff and just in general being an awesome lady
and everyone else who came eventhough they had to get up early for work the next morning.

[circa 7am march 28th. mission district]

p.s. owowowowowowowow totally feel like an old lady now and i wish jes was still here.
[boom headshot].
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Subject:La queen du divan
Time:02:58 am
Music:Cocteau Twins - Circling Girl
jes is doing my hair.
not sure how to let people know i like them anymore.
tam is trying to find parking in the rain.
I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain.
sherrod gets here thursday.
deathburgers are made from babybarf.
there's a whole lotta rythm going on
if you hadn't noticed i've been gone since novembre.
this boi i used to hump years ago still makes me feel special.
the blue pill really is the best.
this other boi, who's brains i wish to fondle,
eu quero pegar mais ele nao vai deixar.
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Subject:the gallivanting trio
Time:05:23 am
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Subject:Polymorphisms of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
Time:03:23 am
the truth about pukie asian night.

p.s. welcome guesteses [my room is a mess. don't go in there or you'll get lost. seriously.]
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Subject:like driving a tictac thru a hallway
Time:04:08 pm
Music:Download - Beauty In The Eyes
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Subject:poppy-petalled metaphysics
Time:08:33 pm
resistance is fertile
as the cursed day nears
i still don't know what to do with myself
or you.
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